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Chapter 4 Go Math Videos

Division Using Arrays: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_581

Division Using Place Value: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_583

Long Division Algorithm: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_966

Multi-Step Division Word Problems: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_594

Chapter 3 Go Math Videos

Double-digit Multiplication

Estimating Products: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_776

Area Model: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_777

An even better video on area model: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_577

Standard Multiplication Algorithm: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_578

Multi-step Word Problems: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_580

Chapter 1 Go Math Videos

Read and Write Numbers: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_142  

Compare and Order Numbers: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_957  

Round Numbers: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_144  

Add Whole Numbers: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_763  

Subtract Whole Numbers: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_764  

Addition and Subtraction Problem Solving: https://www-k6.thinkcentral.com/content/hsp/math/gomath/common/video/video.html#videoId=ref:En_765

Chula Vista Library

As we all know, access to quality reading materials is vital to helping our students become successful readers and critical thinkers. Our partners at the Chula Vista Public Library have some great free resources available to support our school communities, including their ‘Takeout’ program and online access to Hoopla.

Takeout Program

Students and families can utilize the ‘Takeout’ Program to pick up books from the Civic Center and Otay Ranch locations. While checking out books does still require a library card, families can sign up for a free library card by phone at (619) 691-5069 (press 9, then press 1). They can also search for books available via this link, and place their request by phone with the same number mentioned above, or via this link.


Students and families can also utilize the Hoopla platform to instantly borrow eBooks, audiobooks, comics, and more with their library card. This can be done online via this link or by utilizing the app. Additional information for accessing this platform is also attached.