Quarter 3 Curriculum


We will begin the quarter by studying classic literature. We will then move on to studying informational texts about green technology. We will end the quarter by studying traditional literature, such as myths and fairy tales.


This quarter is all about fractions! We will find equivalent fractions, order fractions, and add, subtract, and multiply fractions. In fourth grade, students also work with improper fractions and mixed numbers. At the end of the quarter, we will analyze data by creating line plots using fractions.

Parent Tips for Module 5


We will begin the quarter with speech writing. Each student will write and present a speech using the district speech contest prompt. Students can choose to speak on anything that addresses the theme “Looking Forward.” We will spend the remainder of the quarter studying opinion writing.


Students will be learning all about energy. They will study potential and kinetic energy, and they will learn how energy changes form, such as mechanical energy becoming heat energy.

Social Studies

As we continue our study of California’s history, students will learn about the mission system and the development of ranchos. We will pay particular attention to the Native American perspective during this time.


Next week we will start our geometry unit. This unit requires students to learn the definitions of various figures.

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Red Ribbon Week

Monday, October 21 – “Sock it to Drugs” Crazy Sock Day!
Tuesday, October 22 – “Team up Against Drug” School Spirit Wear
Wednesday, October 23 – “Too Bright for Drugs” Wear Neon or Bright Colors
Thursday, October 24 – Red Ribbon Ceremony 8:15 am – 10:30 am – “Wear Red”
Friday, October 25 8:30 am “Drugs Make You Crazy” Crazy Hair Day