6th Grade Fundraiser

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4th Grade Curriculum Update


We are continuing with our first Benchmark unit. This week, students will be reading a nonfiction article about California’s government. They will be practicing finding main ideas and text evidence.



We are wrapping up our first narrative. Our focus this week will be on revising and editing.



The 4th graders will take the Module 1 Post Test this week. You will see a review page come home the day before the test. This test focuses on place value, rounding, adding whole numbers, subtracting whole numbers, and solving multi-step word problems. Then we will move into a short module on the metric system.


Science and Social Studies

We are almost done learning about waves during science. Next up will be a social studies unit on Native Americans of California.

4th Grade Curriculum Update


We will begin our first Benchmark reading unit this week. The topic is government, and we will be teaching lessons on finding the main idea, analyzing author’s evidence, and determining the usefulness of graphic features.


Language and Writing

During our daily language lessons, we will be focusing on capitalization. We will also be teaching the narrative writing process for the next few weeks.



We will assess students on place value this week. Your child will bring home a review homework, and the test will be the next day. Then we will have several lessons on adding and subtracting multi-digit whole numbers, including two-step word problems.


Social Studies

We are wrapping up a short unit on the geography of California.



We are about to begin a unit on waves. The focus will be on sound waves and light waves.